Monitor Audio BRONZE W10 Subwoofer
Monitor Audio

Monitor Audio BRONZE W10 Subwoofer

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Monitor Audio BRONZE W10 Subwoofer

If you have an irrevocable inclination towards deep and refined bass notes, the Monitor Audio Bronze W10 should be an absolutely must-have addition to your speaker set-up as every soundscape is effortlessly reinforced by Monitor’s aesthetically crafted subwoofer.

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Packs More Punch and Precision
The Monitor Audio Bronze W10’s long-throw 10″ C-CAM subwoofer driver combines with the 10″ auxiliary bass radiator to enhance a sense of remarkable realism to any performance. Monitor Audio’s engineers have acoustically improved the driver and bass radiator by attenuating the moving masses and tuning the compliances in the system to level up the transient response – kick drums and blasts now have much more punch and precision. Reduced moving mass and improved rubber feet enables a direct transmission of more energy into the room rather than being lost through mechanical vibrations through the floor and walls.

Monitor Audio Bronze W10 subwoofer